about US

NODANNI is a social impact company focused of creating solutions that improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Our flagship product is VACTRACA a wearable vaccine tracker designed  for mothers in low-income countries.  VACTRACA is a necklace with a lightweight pendant which doubles as a vaccination tracker. It highlights infants’ routine immunizations information from birth to completion. It complements hospital records and can be used when vaccination cards are not available, defaced or destroyed.

Vactraca was designed to be used by governments and humanitarian aid agencies working in the maternal and newborn health sector to meet their goals of reducing infant and child mortality.

our team

Having worked for over 12 years in the international aid sector, working for organisations like Christian Aid UK, United Nations Children's Fund and the United Nations Migration Agency, Victoria founded Nodanni with an aim to create solutions that help improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in society.

 Adedoyin owotomo-
    Head  marketing 

Adedoyin has over 10 years experience working as a Brand and Marketing manager for various multinationals.

Adedoyin is passionate about improving livelihoods and access to healthcare in developing countries.